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Release Notes

Note that before installing the customer should ensure that they have a valid software support subscription that will allow the new version to be installed.

If support subscriptions are not kept updated then older versions of Congrego are available by using the download links.

September 2023 (Licence must be valid on or after the 28th September 2023 to install this version)

📢 Customers are strongly advised to update to this hotfix release if they have already installed 4.0.15 build 8637

Release Notes:


  • New driver to support Baseline 9100 instrument with extended parameter support

  • Calculated Channels can apply a data function when a process interval is specified

  • New driver to support reading data from CSV formatted files (useful for demonstration and getting data into the system)

  • New driver to support Aurora NE-100, Aurora NE-300 and Aurora NE-400 instruments

  • New driver to support Environnement-SA MIR 9000 analyzer

  • New driver to support Papouch TM temperature sensor

  • Add new feature to support Correction Channels where the coefficient can be limited between a min and max range

  • Added rebranded Ecotech instrument drivers under Acoem brand name


  • Changed the Campbell Scientific PakBus binary driver to include new arguments to specify unwanted tables/records that can be ignored


  • Inconsistent behavior of rolling buffers

  • Issue in rolling buffers where adding invalid calculation results corrupted buffer

  • Issue in LCJ Capteurs Wind Sensor driver where wind direction was incorrectly rejected

  • Issue where unit conversion fails during calibration for certain instruments

  • Hotfix - dBAverage calculation introduced in 4.0.15 build 8637

  • Hotfix - All aggregations default to Average regardless of selected aggregation type in the reports - introduced in 4.0.15 build 8637

April 2022 (Licence must be valid on or after 27th April 2022 to install this version)

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • Support added for MQTT push protocol.

  • Added a new driver to support Horiba APOA-370 (O3 analyser).

  • Added a new driver to support Horiba APMA-370 (CO analyser).

  • Added a new driver to support Horiba APNA-370 (NOx analyser).

  • Added a new driver to support Horiba APHA-370 (Hydrocarbon analyser).

  • Added new driver to support 01dB Orion device for vibration monitoring.

  • Added ENVEA drivers (O342e, CO12e, AC32e MODE4+ and Modbus drivers).


  • Improved the 01dB Duo/Fusion/Cube driver to support collecting spectrum information from devices.


  • Fixed generate default channels ordering.

  • Fixed discovery of ASCII drivers.

  • Fixed corrupt FTDI drivers resulting in issues communicating over USB.

November 2021 (Licence must be valid on or after 11th November 2021 to install this version)

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • Data Pusher can now send calibration report data for export or remote view

  • Fix for data pusher ftp bad credentials error

  • Upgrade InstallChecker to support both dongle and software licensing model

  • Added channel id to the header column labels

  • Fixed HASP identifier issue after update to software licensing model

  • Created new telnet command GETCALCONFIG to return list of calibration settings

  • Added driver support for MetOne BAM1020-9805 instrument with minimum firmware revision of 83347 R9.2.1

  • Added extension option for the GETCONFIG telnet command to return new AQS field

  • Added AQS field to the Advanced section in the Channel setup in WebUI, allows USA EPS AQS code definition

  • Added driver support for Magee AE33 + AMES TPR159 external probe

  • Added driver support for AethLabs serial protocol for MA series of instruments

  • Updated parameter list for the GRIMM EDM180 driver

  • Added driver support for ThermoElectric Cooler TE-36-25

  • Added calibration UI management controls for calibration tab

  • Bug fix Instantaneous data widget, deselecting all doesn’t deselect all parameters

  • Added fullscreen and export options for chart widgets

  • Added Instrument Status widget

  • Added driver support for AMA Instruments GC5000 Gesytec II protocol

  • Added alarm checking, and fixed time sync issue in the Environnement SA Mode4+ protocol

  • Rebranded to Acoem colour scheme

  • Fixed Vaisala WXT 5xx driver to show the correct firmware revision

  • Added ability to set a high and low threshold on a channel for validation

  • Fix for correctly showing of the Teledyne API MultiDrop Protocol status

  • Imposed a minimum size for widgets on the dashboard

  • Check if channel/instrument is part of a calibration before allowing deletion

November 2020

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • Added typeahead dropdowns to components

  • Show units for selectable channels

  • Add a dashboard guide as a quick reference for users

  • Change status colours to be unique for different components

  • Fix validators for instantaneous line chart

  • Clear channels when switching reports

  • Fix sort button on all forms

  • Sync Serinus Parameter List with master protocol

  • Fix unable to select “Latest” function for a report channel

  • Add GETOPERATORLOGS telnet command

  • Vaisala WMT700 ASCII driver added

  • Fix so new operator logs show up instantly

  • Show error message when logging is enabled and report interval is zero or less

  • Added validation to the modbus id field

  • MetOne BC1054 7500 Support over RS232

  • Thermo Fisher FH62C14 ESM driver testing on actual instrument

  • Selectable format for CSV DateTime output on Data Pusher

  • Add ICP DAS DCON I-7018 driver support

June 2020

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • New “reports” interface provides better visibility and control of report channels

  • Calculated channels can now be output to an instrument channel, allowing Congrego to act as a controller

  • New “image” widget to put static images on the dashboard

  • New “ListModbus” telnet command to dump modbus address mapping

  • Added password change interface for non-admin users.


  • Updated HASP to v7.103. This fixes a BSOD issue after updating to Windows 10 May 2020 release

  • Updated VOC 1000 parameter IDs to reflect current firmware

  • Add check when renaming users to prevent duplicates

  • Fix orphaned series when deleting instantaneous widget

  • Fix calculated channels not appearing on data widget when dependent channels are offline

  • Fix long pause in telnet data transfer at the start of each day

  • Fix dashboard updates being transmitted from server to client when client is not currently viewing dashboard.

March 2020

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • [AG-1855] Fix some characters breaking username field in data pusher

  • [AG-1857] Add support for “now” (unix epoch seconds) in calculated channels

  • [AG-1854] Add data pusher (requires connector framework)

  • [AG-1858] Fix issues with saving multiple child entities to database

  • [AG-1868] Remove related historic line chart widget series when removing report channel

  • [AG-1881] Added scaling font size to single channel widget

  • [AG-1885] Add get/set clock support for MicroVol/HiVol (requires firmware update)

  • [AG-1871] Fix user needing to login twice after Congrego starts up

  • [AG-1895] Fix plotting issues when a disabled channel is linked to a chart

  • [AG-1886] Change installer MinVersion to exlucde Win7 (now requires Win8 and later)

  • [AG-1256] Fix translations on channel type filters

  • [AG-1873] Allow vector/calculated channels in filter on instantaneous data widget

  • [AG-1878] Added status view to calibration widget

  • [AG-1877] Improved styling to scrollbars

  • [AG-1786] Add notification badge to nav bar when product licence is invalid

  • [AG-1847] Add Met One ES-642 Modbus Template

  • [AG-1846] Improved MetRecord 7500 support (ES-642, BAM-1022, E-BAM+)

  • [AG-1920] Add Bayern Hessen support for Palas Fidas 200

November 2019

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • [AG-1789] Add remote screen support for GasCal

  • [AG-1802] Change duration in maintenance component to use new duration picker control

  • [AG-1803] Ensure report start offset does not exceed duration

  • [AG-1710] Bypass login screen (straight to dashboard) if guest account is enabled

  • [AG-1764] Improve handling of out-of-sequence messages (fixes indefinite loading cog on dashboard)

  • [AG-1812] Add Vaisala PBT220 Driver

  • [AG-1301] Refactor frontend for improved page load times

  • [AG-1686] Improve sustained read performance of log data store

  • [AG-1692] Fix database connection not being closed after running a backup

  • [AG-1681] Redesign of schedule interface; updated duration picker control

  • [AG-1689] Fix error when saving a calibration with a new schedule defined

  • [AG-0760] Fix support for Teledyne API Gas Analyzers and Calibrators

  • [AG-1550] Improved support for guest logins

  • [AG-1641] Add Palas Fidas 200 Support

  • [AG-1693] Add multiple dashboard support

  • [AG-1301] Add ‘EnableCompression’ registry setting for web server (default is disabled)

  • [AG-1729] Added Thermo 51C Driver

  • [AG-1760] Check if services are stopped before closing tray app

  • [AG-1671] Fix wind rose widget saving same series twice

  • [AG-1769] Fix schedule not updating when added with new entity

  • [AG-1788] Fixed issue with scroll bars being shown when content did not need to be showed

  • [AG-1801] Use local timestamp for calculating report periods (so 24H reports align at midnight)

  • [AG-1594] Improve support for Gill Maximet GMX500

  • [AG-1697] Add Support for Baseline 9100

  • [AG-1776] Add Bayern-Hessern Support for Magee AE33

  • [AG-1777] Add Serial Protocol Support for Magee AE33

  • [AG-1642] Add support for MetOne BAM 1022 and E-Bam+

  • [AG-1643] Add support for MetOne E-BAM

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