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Acoem BAM 1020/1022

Instrument: Acoem/Ecotech/Met One variants - BAM 1020/1022


Setup instructions for BAM units.

Setting the clock forward on the BAM

During the hourly calculation on the BAM instruments the instrument may not respond when polled. It is standard practice to set the clock on the instrument forward by three minutes in order to ensure that the instrument is free to respond when polled at the end of the hour, and the latest calculation will be received.

Advanced Instrument Clock Settings

  • In the Advanced section of the Instrument Setup select to keep the instrument synchronised with the clock

  • Set the Clock Offset to 180 seconds

  • When Congrego connects to the instrument it will ensure that the clock is running ahead by the specified amount of seconds

Working with Real Time Correction Coefficients

A real time correction coefficient can be applied to a mass reading by using a Corrected Channel output type.

Once the instrument and channels have been added the Corrected Channel can be created and the fields populated:

  • Reports will list the available reports on the logger, select a report, this must include both the Mass and Optical channels. The channels don’t have to be on the same instrument.

  • The optional Coefficient Minimum and Maximum fields will keep the calculated coefficient within the specified bounds.

  • The rest of the fields are the same as the other channel types.


The Mass channel is the hourly PM10 parameter from a BAM-1020, the Optical channel is the PM10 Concentration value from a co-located ES-645.

The mass value will update hourly but the optical value will update more frequently. At the end of the hour the mass and optical values are used to calculate the coefficient value which will then be applied to the hourly mass value and will become the Corrected Channel output.

The coefficient value is not exposed to the user or recorded.

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