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Release Notes

The latest release can be downloaded here.

Airodis Version 5.2.4 build 8669

September 2023

Hotfix build 8669

Release 5.2.4 build 8669 is a hotfix release that corrects the dBAverage calculation that was found to be incorrect in release build 8642

Customers that use the dBAverage aggregation in reports are advised to update to this latest version.

AQMesh Driver Support To Be Discontinued:

The AQMesh API driver will be deprecated in the next public release. All AQMesh stations should be ported to use the ACOEM UK API.

AirMonitors (ACOEM UK) API v4 Deprecated:

The AirMonitors (ACOEM UK) API driver v4 will be deprecated in August 2023, this release of Airodis supports v5 of the driver.

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Added an argument editing dialog in the Client Station Setup for protocols that support additional arguments

  • Added a new advanced CSV downloader (ACOEM CSV Downloader) for flexible CSV data downloading

  • Added a Noise Percentile data function for Ln calculations

  • ACOEM UK API updated to support version 5 (version 4 deprecated August 2023)

  • Added ACOEM equivalent drivers for Ecotech rebranded instruments

  • Fixed the dBAverage calculation that was found to be incorrect in release build 8642

Minor Changes:

  • Fixed exception seen on startup when service discovery is attempted

  • Fix implemented for Airodis Workspace Manager starting up off-screen when there are multiple monitors

  • Fix implemented for SFTP as a report destination in the Report Manager

  • Fix implemented for channel 0 being hidden in the Client on all reports when a new channel is manually added

Airodis Version 5.2.3 build 8458

March 2023

Platform Support Discontinued:

The minimum Windows version requirement has been changed from Windows 8 to Windows 10 since Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2 has reached end of support in January 2023.
For more information see .

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Automatically upgrade existing station lists with the current timezone setting of server

Minor Changes:

  • Added new BAM-1020 MetRecord driver

  • Added new device driver for 01dB CSV files to extract summary and real time data

  • Added support for Acoem NExxx type of instruments

  • Changed station list behaviour to always save the timezone when adding a new station

  • Changed Data Manager display filter start and end date to be persistent after selection

  • Improved efficiency of Kunak API driver downloads (resulting if fewer API calls)

  • Fixed installation issue on 2019 server where installation was falsely flagged as failed

  • Fixed issue with report downloads on devices that support sequential reports

Airodis Version 5.2.2 build 8230

June 2022

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Added software key licencing

  • Removed support for UniKey licencing

  • Removed support for licence sharing

  • Fix issue where column order wasn't saving/loading correctly

  • Added support for Thomson Environmental Systems Dust Master

  • Added ability to Campbell API driver to ignore unwanted reports through configuration

  • Added Basic Access Authentication to Campbell driver for HTTP API interface

  • Fix timezone issue with HTDM file destination

  • Fix Log10 button which inserted incorrect subscript for calculated channels

  • Fix issue where client crashes when updating details in 'Reasons' configuration

  • Change watermark background to white instead of transparent

  • Minor Campbell API driver fixes


Airodis Version 5.1.7 build 7759

April 2021

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Include snappy dll in installation to fix custom report generation

  • Added sub minute downloads and report generation

  • Added Campbell Scientific binary PakBus driver

  • Fix for Data Manager window resizing bug

  • Fix for Serinus USB device not enumerating in dropdown list issue

Minor Changes:

  • Fix for localisation issue in csv export issue

  • Fix download rules enable/disable event firing

Airodis Version 5.1.6  build 7639

January 2021

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Added CZML implementaion

  • Added LIDAR extension and export 

  • Added Snappy compression and integration to Airodis

  • Added PBL report to LeosphereApiDownloader 

  • Fix null reference in audit report when station is missing or has no reports 

  • Fix Envidas driver 

  • Fix remote screen control issues 

  • Fix Campbell Scientific PakBus download function

Minor Changes: 

  • Prevent concurrent schedule downloads

  • Fix CSV support for files with unix line endings

  • Fix save button not becoming enabled when non-standard report is opened

  • Fix UTC timestamps appearing as local if driver and instrument are both set to UTC

  • Fix export formatting with memorystream 

  • Updated data point visibility

  • Remove IndividualDT translation from GraphReport 

Airodis Version 5.1.5 build 7398

April 2020

Platform Support Discontinued:

  • Updated minimum windows version to 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 (Dropped Win7/Server 2008)

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Added "Data Export" reports, which support CSV, Avro, XML and Hydrotel formats

  • New driver for Leosphere WindCube (Web API / NetCDF)

  • Correlated lidar data can now be exported as CSV

  • Added Bayern Hessen driver for Palas 200

  • Added AirMonitors API Support for AQMesh

Minor Changes:

  • Retarget to .Net Framework v4.6.1

  • Migrate shared libraries to .Net Standard

  • Improve RemoteControl interoperability. Route through download server so serial connections work remotely.

  • Fix display names on rolling function dropdown

  • Replace Airodis legacy expression parser with new (Congrego) expression parser for calculated channels

  • Change output filenames to be based on file start date

  • Add file separator to DT800 driver (fixes re-import when failed downloads exist)

  • Added DbAvg rolling function

  • Replace Modbus TCP code with (new) shared (Congrego) Modbus code

  • Fix start/end of period for custom dates not lining up with fixed report periods

  • Include position of errors in when validating calculated channels

  • Make bulk alarm email async

  • Major overhaul of radar renderer so that calculations and drawing can be separated

  • Fix Campbell Pakbus handling of "array" channels

  • Generate detailed alarm email (and write carbon copy to disk) even if there are no recipients

  • Update Airodis Dependencies to current software versions

  • Convert time to logger time zone when auto-synchronising clocks

  • Large file imports are now buffered instead of entire file being loaded into memory at once (with 100MB limit for multiple files)

  • Disable infinite loop detection on file imports

  • Perform time zone conversion when determining if file has been modified since last import

  • Fix premature EOF when downloading from UTC logger with negative timezone offset.

  • Serinus downloader: Only apply fault status to gas parameters.

  • Implement HiVol/MicroVol GetClock() function (requires firmware update)

Airodis 5.1.4 build 7045

April 2019

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Added tracking for clock drift. Large clock discrepancies between server and station now appear in station status.

  • Auto invalidation rules can now raise alarms and specify a quiet period.

  • Add Unidata Neon driver

  • New “Data Export” report for exporting in XML and Avro formats

  • Add ability for reports to be triggered on data change

  • New remote screen implementation for Aurora Nephelometers

  • Added “Advanced data selection” to select repeated data between two times across multiple days.

  • Added support for Campbell CR300/CR310

  • Added support for Ecotech ACS1000

  • Reimplement MetOne BAM with RTM mass correlation

  • Added support for BMET Nephelometers

  • Add support for AQMesh

  • Add new Leosphere WindCube driver (Postgresql)

Minor Changes:

  • Hard limit station updates to once per second to reduce network congestion.

  • Add “Raise alarm” option to rules

  • Fix capture alarms being triggered when user manually selects future end date when downloading

  • Download one day into future for instruments that don't support querying clock

  • Fix SetClock setting clock twice

  • Fix error when rule has its channel deleted

  • Add "Open Report" right-click menu of report schedules

  • Fix client crash if report name is blank

  • Fix divide by zero in alarm rules when reports have zero interval.

  • Fixed modem dial timeout (now waits for full dial cycle)

  • Fix Opsis downloading past current date

  • Fix line alignment of text report output

  • Force all radar graph mass correlation to be done in mg/m3

  • Store image length in XML (improve memory usage on XML load)

  • Fix cancel button on binary downloads not flagging download as failed.

  • Remove upper limit on clock drift when synchronising clock

  • Clean up filename timestamp handling to better handle ".gz" extension

  • Create "Data Import" audit entries for tracking downloads

  • Remove blank lines representing empty table rows when generating text reports

  • Fix crash when cloning a rule with extended characters

  • Fix Serinus Space/+ key not working in remote control


Airodis 5.1.2 build 6422

August 2017

Upgrade Notes:

This release includes a new driver framework, and many instrument drivers have been rewritten from scratch. Most of these drivers have slightly different names, and the user may need to select the new driver in the station configuration. These new drivers may present a slightly different report/channel configuration which will need to be manually mapped to existing data.

Important – see ‘Migrating Aurora Nephelometer Channels’ below

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Rewrite all Nephelometer drivers (M9003, Aurora). The new drivers now acquire the correct channel configuration

  • Added Ambilabs Nephelometer driver

  • Added MetOne BAM-1022/E-BAM+ driver

  • Rewrite HiVol/MicroVol driver

  • Added GroveStreams driver (for Neigborhood Monitor support)

  • Added Ecotech Congrego driver

  • Add ETL3000 driver

  • Alarm/Invalidation rules now include many more rolling data functions

  • Remote screen restructured to work from remote clients (not just from server). Note – The remote screen is not implemented for Aurora and HiVol/Microvol at this time. This will be re-added in a future release.

  • Add alarm window to rules

Minor Changes:

  • Add overrides for mindistance/maxdistance in Radar graph

  • Thumbnail images in reports are now stored more efficiently (no recompression)

  • Refreshing previews in GUI now takes object size and aspect ratio into account

  • Added period (‘.’)to accepted CSV date delimiters

  • Updated CSV date pattern to be more robust

  • Re-implemented FTDI USB connection code (for Serinus/EC9800)

  • Fix crash when rendering diurnal graphs for scalar function on vector-paired channel.

  • Fixed DB commit failure on virtual stations.

  • Fix alarm buffers containing one too many records. Disabled alarms no longer added to list of current alarms in client GUI

  • Fixed capture percent not being applied to diurnal points.

  • Fix CR800 checksum condition where \xBD was not being handled properly.

  • Update Pakbus drivers to assume end date (not start date)

  • Fix Pakbus issue where EOF was not being correctly detected when downloading .TDF file

  • Make CSV/ADF export use culture invariant number formatting

  • Prefer user-defined report interval when logger reports zero interval

  • Rename AbsMin/AbsMax to MinAbs/MaxAbs to reflect their true behaviour (including "TimeOf" functions)

  • Fix time zone (and conversion) not being applied in table previews.

  • Duplicated rule 'add' buttons to be next to delete buttons

  • Added support to clone rules

  • Added azimuth offset to Radar graphs

  • Fixed front projection radar graphs incorrectly erasing gaps Azimuth offset is now applied in a way that also corrects BAM correlation

  • MatchLabelAsID also matches labels on default channels

  • Disable workspace discovery on SqlCE

  • Apply decimal places to value formats in alarm description

  • HTML and Text report output are now the message body in sent email (not attachment)

  • Don't allow services to start unless they are configured to run on localhost.

  • Fix autoinvalidation applying to one record too many

  • Fix station limit banner not disappearing when station is deleted.

  • Reimplement all data type formats in drivers (shared library code)

  • Fix XML namespace issues on scheduler file

  • Fix possible null reference exception when loading audit entries

  • Fix duplicate entry when loading audits for virtual stations

  • Report scheduler now reports multiple states to report manager (not just “paused”)

  • Tweak data column headers in client (added channel numbers; more label space)

  • Fix null value handling when rendering concentration plots

  • Force sync of single station with server before downloading

  • Fix exception when viewing download log on new/unsaved station.

  • Enable compiler optimizations on client release builds

  • Don't include "delete" audit entries in notes

  • Fix exception when deleting from a column that does not belong to a report

  • Change SqlCE MaxDatabaseSize to 4000 (prevent DB corruption)

  • ACOEM rebranding

  • Set installer to require Win7 or later

  • Fix crash on Client close when data manager has been shown

  • Fix AQS timezone calculations

Migrating Aurora Nephelometer Channels

In this release, the Aurora Nephelometer drivers have been rewritten from scratch. There are two major differences:

  • Logger Channel IDs are now mapped to the “VI” parameter on the instrument. They are no longer incrementally numbered from zero.

  • The DIO State channel has been removed

  • Temperatures are now returned in the same unit as the instrument

This means that the instrument channels won’t correctly map to the Airodis channels (and their historic data) without being corrected by hand. To correct this, perform the following steps:

  • Click “Acquire Config”

  • When asked to clear the existing channel configuration, select “Yes”

  • On the last channel, add 1 to the channel number (first column)

  • Working backwards, add 1 to all channel numbers except the first channel (Major State)

  • Save the configuration

The end result should be a channel list without a channel “2”. For example, this is how an Aurora 3000 should appear:





Airodis 5.1.0 build 5889

March 2016

Release Notes:

In order to reduce file fragmentation and prevent performance degradation on large data sets, the indexes have been changed for the main data tables in SQL server. These will automatically get upgraded when Airodis 5.1.0 first starts. Note that large tables (> 1GB) can take several minutes to re-index. The status of the upgrade can be seen from a console view, or from within the Kryptonite logger. This upgrade procedure takes place within a transaction which will roll back on failure. Despite this, it is still recommended to have a backup of your data handy prior to upgrading.

The default database growth has been changed from 1MB to 10%. This was to scale better with large databases (so 1GB of data is not broken into 1000 fragments on disk). However, older databases will not be automatically updated. We strongly recommend reviewing the SQL autogrowth setting on existing databases.

These changes do not affect local (SQL Compact) databases.

Major Changes:

  • Added support for Leosphere WindCube

  • Added support for MSSQL/MySQL data import drivers

  • Dropped support for Windows XP

  • Added Radar Graphs (supports only WindCube)

  • Rewrite of core averaging calculations

  • Client can now detect and display/edit data gaps in the data manager

  • Major stability improvements to Web Reports

  • Re-index of database tables for less fragmentation

  • Report scheduler can now execute post-process command or script.

  • Addition of DTS reports (and large changes to AQS reports)

Minor Changes:

  • Added AQS reasons to default reason list

  • AQS reports now allow specifying decimal places

  • Added Log10 and LogAvg functions to reports

  • Fix crash when populating cells with audit entries from non-existent rule.

  • Inherit decimal places from channel when viewing audit cells.

  • Format InitialValue/FinalValue cells to match channel decimal places.

  • BAM1020 driver now detects ancient (2.x) firmware during FW version test.

  • Show station limit in corner of client in shareware

  • Changed channel pointer format in reports to 3 distinct numbers for station, report and channels (channels specified in old format will continue to work)

  • Improve performance of editing data with lots of audit entries.

  • Add Serinus raw file import

  • Updated channel list in Serinus driver

  • Prevent concurrent threads from opening/closing/scanning FTDI USB (e.g. Serinus) devices at the same time.

  • Upgrade DotRas to v1.3 (Win7)

  • Fix race condition which can cause authentication to sometimes fail under heavy HTTP load.

  • Added link-local address blocks to "LAN" scope in report editor.

  • Fix localisation defaulting to US date formats. CurrentCulture is no longer changed. Workspace manager now stores "en" instead of "en-US" in "Culture" registry key.

  • Fix incorrect parsing of null-terminated, fixed-length strings (Pakbus sometimes has garbage after null terminator)

  • Upgraded AirodisSetupLauncher to .Net 4.0 Client Profile. Removed checks for .Net 4.0 installation.

  • Upgrade Dependencies to use SQL Express 2014.

  • Cut down SQL install to just SQLEngine and SSMS - Basic.

  • Updated Dependencies installers to use DISM to Install .Net 3.5, and to install .Net 4.5.2 instead of 4.0 (WinXP no longer supported)

  • Added "Time Zone Conversion" option to Reports to convert logged data into a selected time zone. Added extra parameter to report fetch routine to specify output time zone.

  • Bundle PowerShell 2.0 for Server 2008 (SQL2014 needs at least this version)

  • Fix crash when closing task progress dialog

  • Fixed control placement on Manage Reasons dialog.

  • Added DTS reports (One minute data format)

  • Fix crash when revering manual edit

  • Fix missing cells when committing virtual stations

  • Improved handling of stations with no database name set. It's now possible to acquire config and query time without having a database defined.

  • Add Campbell Scientific DAT driver

  • Fix crash loading audit history when a channel mapping is broken.

  • Fix auto-invalidation audit entry commits sometimes failing.

  • Fixed incorrect conversion multiplier for millibars

  • Added sorting to Audit columns

  • Make column headers in data manager resizable

  • Can now acquire report interval on E-Bam and E-Sampler

  • Add support for "arrays of channels" in Campbell PakBus protocol

  • Printing a custom page range is now properly implemented.

  • Add support for acquiring units in Campbell Pakbus drivers

  • Fixed vector pairing in calculated channels

  • Fix requesting admin rights when launching only clients.

  • Fix infinite loop when rendering table footers with period of zero.

  • Improve handling of loggers that communicate in UTC timestamps

  • Use UTF-8 for parsing channel labels and units when acquiring config

  • Fix midnight end date breaking Opsis comms.

  • Changed format of launch parameters in system registry. LicenseServer and NoDiscovery are now persistent settings.

  • Add server-side error logging to DownloadServer.GetDialupDevices() WCF command

  • Add driver for BOM data format

  • Templates now save to correct location and dynamic template list now refreshes after saving.

  • Fix broken null check/cast in calibration rules

  • Change default SQL database file growth to 10%

  • Last data point now consistently shows the end date of the last record.

  • Fix recent schedule changes being lost when station is updated.

  • Add recipient list to alarm email logs.

  • Change alarm email log date to UTC

Airodis 5.0.9 build

January 2015

Platform Support Discontinued:

Windows XP (x86) - in line with Microsoft’s end of support for the Windows XP operating system Ecotech will no longer be officially supporting Airodis running on the Microsoft Windows XP platform after the 5.0.9 release.  While Airodis may still run on Windows XP Ecotech will not be actively testing Airodis on that platform nor looking at bugs raised against Airodis running on the platform.

Customers are urged to update their Airodis host operating system if they are still running on Microsoft Windows XP.

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • New Feature - Modbus support – Airodis can now perform as a modbus slave device

  • New Feature – Added Russian language support

  • New Feature – Time zones added to reports so that reports can be run relative to the station time zone and not just the server time zone

  • Fixed – General improvement and minor bug fixes

New Platforms Supported:

  • Support for Windows 8.1 Professional (x86 and x64)

  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64)

Notes for installing on the new operating systems

The Airodis installer requires that Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 is installed or activated on both the Windows 8.1 Professional and Server 2012 operating systems before Airodis can be installed.

Details on how to install .Net Framework 3.5 can be found here:

Airodis 5.0.8

May 2014

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Add support multidrop on Serinus remote control

  • Graphs now include all level markers when auto scaling is enabled (plus other autoscaling bugfixes)

Fixes and minor changes:

  • Added a banner warning message when the demo version has more than the allowed 3 stations

  • Changed station database field in client to always show database manager dialogue

  • Added count down in same location as the nag screen continue button so user can see that something is happening (Demo)

  • Fix global invalidation reason not propagating across workspace.

  • Fix column mismatch when filtering invalid data from export data set

  • Fix report scheduler OnDownloadComplete running reports on download from all stations.

  • Fix race condition: security level was being momentarily set to airodis_readonly while security level was being refreshed in another thread (fixes data gaps issue)

  • Fix dynamic change of SQL permissions in client

  • Fix incorrect escalation of privileges (security issue). Note: v5.0.8 servers reject connections from v5.0.7 clients to rectify this.

  • Increase remote control TCP timeout from 500ms to 5000ms (fixes 3G remote control issues)

  • Don't send alarm emails on custom imports

  • Fix exception when closing client while download server pause icon is blinking

  • Fix nulls crashing XY scatter plots

  • Remove values from polar graph that fall outside manually specified range

  • Axis min/max now works with polar plots. Added clipped data percentage to corner of graph.

  • Registry changes to force 32 bit keys into 64 bit view instead of WOW6432Node

  • Added ignoreversion flag to UniKey dlls to ensure that they are overwritten


Airodis 5.0.7

November 2013

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Major Changes:

  • Reports can now be scheduled to execute on completion of download and when alarms are raised or cleared

  • Improved responseiveness of progress bars during download

  • Added Environdata DL3000 driver

  • Add multidrop support to Serinus

  • Fix x64 support for SerinusUSB driver

Fixes and minor changes:

  • Fix TEOM driver not communicating when instrument returns non-numeric column where the logger ID should be

  • Fix channel labels not being acquired for TEOM

  • Run schedule on last day of month if next run day is larger than number of days in month

  • Make TEOM driver compatible with older units that send different message terminators

  • Add checks and balances to SQL commit during download

  • Allow user to cancel download during initialisation stage

  • Opsis now displays percentage complete during download

  • Allow Opsis to begin download after midnight

  • Fix null reference exception when no DB connection is present

  • Add warning when acquire config fails to capture any channels 

  • Add warning when acquire config fails to capture interval for all reports

  • Combined download progress for multi-report loggers (e.g. DataTaker, Pakbus)

  • Compile and cache regular expressions during download (up to 50% speed improvement)

  • Fix exception when generating audit excel reports

  • Fix refresh showing incorrect columns after deleting data

  • Fix crash in calculated channel editor when referencing a non-existent channel

  • Improve handling of channel ID clashes when importing calculated channels

  • Fix cell dimensions in html output

  • Make DBConfigUtility grant permissions to appropriate apppool for Windows 8

  • Fix broken data import when importing demo station

  • Fix SQL credentials getting lost when connecting to server

  • Fix subsequent records not being read from a packet (affects Serinus)

  • Added the AQS (Legacy) type of Destination for an AQS type of report. It outputs a .txt file in the old WinCollect format.

  • Fix 31/12/9999 appearing as expiry on dongles that don't expire

  • Fix .adf files (Airodis Data Format) not writing/importing status flags

  • Fix PakBus checksum issue when acquiring config on some loggers


Airodis 5.0.6

July 2013

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • Added USB support for EC98xx and Serinus analysers

  • Added Remote Control for EC98xx

  • Added Remote Control for Aurora Integrating Nephelometers

  • Added full-screen with constant auto refresh to remote control interface (Press F11)

  • Added "EPA (Australia)" report output format

  • Added output interval to calculated channels

  • Redesigned layout of workspace manager.

  • Added multi-language dropdown box.

  • Added option for CSV outputs that specifies if the header line should be output

  • Add airodis_technician role - can configure loggers, but not edit their data once downloaded.

  • Allow members of airodis_editor role to delete data

  • Airodis Dependencies now ships with SQL Server 2008 R2 Express SP2 (formerly SP1)


  • Fixed Aurora compatibility with Y-M-D date format

  • Fixed Aurora channel mapping; changed temp channel unit from degrees celsius to kelvin

  • Fixed excessive CPU usage when rendering shapes in report manager

  • Empty cells in in Excel report output are now absolutely empty

  • Fixed MicroVol/HiVol downloads

  • Disabled get/set clock when link type is set to "file"

  • Fixed exception when rendering tables with only a datetime column

  • Alternate X axis now uses correct averaging algorithms on polar and XY scatter

  • Relaxed handshaking criteria on 9400DAS

  • Used packet re-send on timeout (up to 3 times) during download if defined (similar to CRC mismatch behaviour)

  • Fixed table rendering fetching more data than necessary (up to twice as much in when calculating footer rows - a significant performance improvement)

  • Fixed table footers displaying data for the wrong period when there is no data in the requested period.

  • Reports no longer attempt unit conversion once output to count, capture percent, stddev or similar.

  • Store separate captured channel list for each report. Fixes channel mapping issues on DataTakers.

  • Fixed max channel number not resetting when clearing captured channel list - fixes channel mapping issues when importing concatenated files.

  • Fixed occasional crash when committing with SQLCE

  • Increased DataTaker 50/80 timeout to 45 sec (some DataTakers take over 30 seconds to respond to requests)

  • Fixed calculated channel dependency order (caused crashes when calcualting nested channels)

  • Added timestamp signing verification to all assemblies

  • Fixed manual file import silently crashing when station is not configured with a valid driver.

  • Fixed file export crashing where channels are hidden (Data Manager in Client)

  • Now remembers last path for each station during manual file import

  • Clipboard copy in Data Manager now includes row timestamps and column headers

  • Make TEOM work with Netcomm CDR modems that drop the first Rx byte in the session

Airodis 5.0.5

April 2013

Note before installing/updating:

  • The client/server communications protocol has changed in this release. All distributed clients must also be updated with the server.

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • Added Report-to-Screen over network, allowing distributed clients to display scheduled on-screen report output.

  • New option to limit the number of concurrent downloads

  • Client now has responsive progress bars for long operations. Many operations now have a cancel button.

  • Significant performance improvements to database operations

  • PDF and XPS output now render graphs using vectors instead of bitmaps

  • HTML report output now outputs native HTML tables insead of images

Minor Changes:


  • CSV driver now works with timestamps with sub-second precision and 12-hour (AM/PM) timestamps. Relaxed whitespace handling

  • Added /NoDiscovery as a WorkspaceManager argument to disable auto-discovery of a server

  • Add OTT MIS driver

  • Increase max DB size in SQL CE from 256MB to 4GB.

  • Improve support for importing log entries from loggers (particularly WinAQMS)

  • New folder picker dialog (Vista and later) when selecting a directory

  • Clean shutdown of server and download server when CTRL+C is pressed from console

  • Fixed Opsis not importing last record of the day.

  • Fix most recent command line arguments not saving to registry for download server and report scheduler

  • Fixed channels being mapped to incorrect column when not defined sequentially

  • x64 build will now only permit installation on an x64 OS.

  • Add Spirant BAM driver

  • Improved support for Envidas loggers


  • Fix audit entries not being shown for calibration reports

  • Fix revert function showing unmodified cells as modified in the graph

  • Fix unintentional truncation of seconds from some timestamps in UI

  • Fix incorrect columns being displayed after committing data to inactive sheet

  • Selection information now shows data breakdown by status code


  • Fix tables rendering nulls when column counts to not match

  • Added "mode" as averaging type

  • Wind rose now centres on North

  • Earliest/Latest reaveraging algorithms now exclude nulls

  • Fixed bug in calculated channel testing where the order of entered values is not the same as those used in the calculation


Airodis 5.0.3

December 2012

Note before installing/updating:

  • Molecular formulae for gravimetric/volumetric unit conversion is now stored in the channel/calculated channel. If this feature is being used on a graph, the underlying channel must be updated by hand after upgrading to this version of Airodis.

Release Notes:

Major Changes:

  • Added database support for Microsoft SQL Compact Edition

  • Increased number of channels for Light Edition from 10 to 12

  • Added support for Envidas loggers. Currently supports RS232 and raw file import.

  • Moved molecular formulae from the graph series definitions to the channel/calculated channel definitions.

  • Initial support for running on Microsoft Windows 8 platforms.

  • Report Manager - Molecular unit conversion now works on tables

Minor Changes:


  • Updated UniKey library. USB dongle now detects on Microsoft Windows 8.

  • Disable IPv6 socket listeners in Microsoft Windows XP

  • Add /nodiscovery command line argument to disable workspace discovery


  • Added update check to options page

  • "Download directory" button now works with UNC paths

  • Added "Zoom out" button to data graph

  • Improve exception handling on file import

  • Hide device password from loggers that do not have a password implementation

  • New icons for display data and view data

  • Fixed error when changing subset visibility and no graph data is loaded

  • Added station names to download related debug messages

  • Added icons for add/remove Virtual Report

  • Disabled WCF session timeouts

  • Virtual Stations no longer load every report/channel on load. This is now done when the station is first selected (fixes lag when selecting Virtual Station)

  • Fixed audit entries not correctly loading on Virtual Stations

  • Implement 'overwrite' flag on time offsets.

  • Time offset function now moves status flag correctly.

  • Fix alarms sending one less than specified.

  • Fix alarm being incorrectly cleared when no new data downloaded.

  • Fix WinAQMS WAD file import getting stuck on CR without LF.

  • Removed 'logins' from server in demo build. Demo assumes all connected users are logged in.

  • Audit entries now use SQL username when logged in with SQL authentication

  • Autoinvalidated data is no longer counted when coupled with an alarm rule which does not include invalid data.

  • Add temperature override of molecular unit conversion. This can be set in the Client's options dialog. It defaults to 0#176;C

  • Fix random modem selection never selecting last modem.

  • Reason list is now syncronised with the Report Scheduler (fixes Audit Reports not showing custom invalidation reason details)

  • Improvements to queueing/modem balancing on Download Server.

  • Disabled file import and contiguity check for Virtual Stations

  • Add password support to DT500/DT800

  • Fix exception when invalidating channel with an empty label.

  • Fixed all data from Serinus/EC98xx being imported as invalid.

  • Fix infinite loop in column ordering when two columns think they are to the left of each other.

  • Added extra units to unit conversion (parts per thousand, parts per ten thousand). 'Percent' can now convert to other 'parts-per' units as parts per hundred.

  • Fixed handling of UTF-8 when importing and exporting files.

Report Manager

  • Added 'Snap Current Date Range' option to the tables in report manager. Allows the automatic shifting of dates to the nearest rounded period to be turned off.

  • Report Scheduler now saves/loads arguments from registry when run as service

  • Remove negative concentration values from scatter and polar concentration plots.

  • Removed download schedules for Virtual Stations

  • Added calculated channel option for handling of invalid/null values.

  • Fix block level markers not using a solid hatch

  • Fix distribution graphs squashing when data exceeds bounds

  • Fixed table rendering bug where post processing of time sliced row level footers with missing values at the end of the period would not automatically add null entries at the end of the data.

  • Live station list sync now works on all 3 views in report manager.

  • Changes to schedules list in Report Manager is now pushed from the server, not polled from the Report Manager every few seconds (massive bandwidth saving on large lists).

  • Fixed null reference exception when running graph with non-existent channel.

  • Fixed null output in graph data when averaging period was less than the display period.

  • Bug fixed in Tables where the footer would apply the column units for functions Count, Exceedences and CapturePercent. This has been fixed by not applying the unit conversion to these footer functions.

  • Added the 'Show Data Columns' property to the table for help with using time slicing to get row footers.

  • Fixed table rendering bug where post processing footers where a row does not have a status flag value would crash.

  • Fix crash when loading report with broken channel

  • Added ability to set publishing IP scope for reports (for future web module)

  • Removed Virtual Stations from Report Manager

  • Report Manager schedules window now refreshes when user presses F5.

  • Fixed crash when tables exceeded 22 inches wide

  • Fixed bug in the Table dialog where changing vector direction was not remembered for calculated channel channels.

  • Fixed page size metadata in Microsoft Word output. Standard page sizes are now correctly defined.

Airodis 5.0.2 build 4570

July 2012

Initial public release

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